I am a long time Gnu/Linux & Free Software user with a lot of experience troubleshooting and fixing all kinds of system problems.

Windows too.

Currently working (remotely) for a US based software company doing tech support (I manage the helpdesk and admin our servers and services while providing direct technical assistance to our users). Looking to get out of working with proprietary software and more into working with Free Software projects or using Free Software tools, preferably in a co-op or semi-cooperative organisation.


I am living in South Africa, but can work in any timezone.


I run & admin several Debian servers for work and personal use, all of them with:

  • Postfix+Dovecot+Rspamd
  • Nginx+PHP
  • ISPConfig
  • WordPress

For work I installed, maintain and admin:

  • OSTicket
  • LiveHelperChat
  • Nextcloud (x2)
  • Mail Server (postfix/dovecot/rspamd)
  • WordPress
  • Samba based CDN for Windows IIS connected to a Vlan (at the hosting provider)
  • Dokuwiki (official Help Documentation for our software)

My personal servers have:

  • Personal Mail Server (postfix/dovecot/rspamd)
  • Wireguard VPN
  • Unbound resolving/caching DNS + PiHole (for my own home network & servers to use)
  • Jitsi-meet
  • Pleroma
  • Friendica
  • Prosody XMPP (using Friendica for auth)
  • Cryptpad
  • Matrix/Element
  • Nextcloud
  • WordPress (hosting sites for a few friends and others)
  • Dokuwiki
  • Mumble

Turning the internet into a World Wide Mesh of decentralised, interconnected networks
Working with Free Software and Libre Hardware, at any level and in any capacity
Abandoning exploitive capitalist ideologies and furthering the goals of the co-operative movement in its place
Working in a co-operative and/or learning through practise and experience how to run one
Censorship resistant communications and creating universally free access to knowledge & information

I run https://librenet.co.za (Friendica) as a personal project (initially intended as a social network for friends and family, but they all seem to prefer fb/whatsapp)

In conclusion, I will take pretty much any opportunity, and at any level, to work with almost any kind of co-operative and become a member of a team committed to using (and improving) Free Software.